From the East – April 2015

My Brothers, I bring you fraternal greetings It is said that Time flies when you are having fun. The Masonic year is moving by quickly and all too soon it will be time to pass the gavel to the next Master of our Lodge. March has been an interesting month. I’ve traveled around to other […]

What does the future hold?

In recent years many masons have had the same discussion. Where are the new members, how do we attract younger members? Its not a tough question but the true answer remains allusive. During the 20th century freemasonry saw men join in unprecedented numbers. Most of this growth was just after the return of soldiers home […]

Ever wonder what would’ve happen had Hiram hired a body guard?

Well he could have at Freemasons@Work. Then things would have been very different today. You’ve heard of Yellow Book well this is like that except it’s a Blue book if you will. The best part is that it’s FREE. This is designed for Brothers to connect with other Brothers and find the Service or item they […]

Masonic Lodge meetings – Flintstones or Jetsons?

In recent years I have read articles and posts about what goes on in a Masonic Lodge room during a stated or regular communication. Interestingly some of the articles that focus on what the members or sideliners are doing rather than what the officers are doing. So let’s examine both and see how things have […]

St Patrick’s at Potunk a Huge Success

Brethren and friends I am very humbled by the outstanding effort put into the St. Patrick’s event at our lodge last night. To all those that planned, cooked, decorated, and cleaned up, a very big thank you for a job well done. From my vantage point as the DJ it was very obvious that all […]

How to Dispose of a Dead Body…

Resurrection and Freemasonry by Wor. Brian Westmoreland Spoiler Alert- This Piece Involves a Discussion on the Master Mason Degree. While we love all EA’s and FC’s, this may be one that you need to tab and save for later. There is a question that Masons have learned to ask themselves. It springs from our Ritual […]

From the East – March 2015

My Brothers, I bring you fraternal greetings Our JW Bro. Georgios and I traveled to Old Town Lodge on March 2nd on the invite of W:.Martin Moscicki highlighting a speaker from the Kismet Shrine, Bro. John Kelly III. Bro. John is a member of the Kismet Shrine Clown Unit. You know, those guys with the […]

The Lodge of Antiquity makes the local news

It may be March, but with winter making a slow, snowy exit, one Suffolk County organization is hosting an eleventh-hour coat drive for the needy. Most coat collections are held in late December or January, before the region is firmly in winter’s icy grip, according to Robert Smith, a senior deacon at The Lodge of […]

Franklin’s Little School and Masonic Education

by Shawn M. Gorley The majority of the population in colonial America lived along the coastline’s  for simple reasons being that it was where the chances for employment, social gatherings, churches and you guessed it, it was where most of the early Masonic Lodges where located. In this period, and as the populations moved westward […]

The Music of Freemasonry

For some years I have been making a small study of the music of Freemasonry. Partially because of the Middle Chamber lecture's seeming importance on the subject and partially because I haven't really been able to find a lot of information on this particular subject. What make this even small study even more difficult for me is that I...