From the West – July 2015

As your newly elected Sr. Warden I would like to wish the Brethren all a happy and safe summer. Although we a dark for the months of July and August, there is still Masonic fellowship, like the Potunk Lodge Annual Pig Roast and Barbecue on August 15th, there is still Masonic education, like when your […]

Jr Warden

Brother,as I take my position in the south to start my journey on the road I am so familiar with to labour with intentions to the last stop in the east (maybe) and from my view point as I look to the west I see a past master occupancy that chair and as I look […]

From the East – July 2015

Brethren, Well summer is now in full swing as June is almost over and we head into July. Of course on many minds is “hey, there are no more meetings until September”. Still others are thinking of the upcoming July 4th Holiday and summer BBQs and vacations. While this is true of many of us, […]

Strawberry Night at Potunk Lodge

Brothers, Please join us for our last Stated Communication of the season. This is our annual strawberry night and families and friends are welcome to join us. We will have a very brief meeting upstairs at 7:15- 7:45pm to wrap up the season and make sure all business that needs attending is completed before the summer and […]

The Gift of Freemasonry

Is freemasonry a gift or is it earned? In my humble opinion, it is earned and then the gift is revealed and is yours to have in your heart forever.

Ordo Massonicus Dolus

The title of this post is obviously not English; it’s Latin or at least my best translation of Latin I can muster. The translation of this is simply “fraudulent Freemasonry” or more literally, Masonic Order trickery or scam. So yes this post will be about clandestine Masonry or Fake Freemasons. So let’s start out by […]

Past Masters everywhere….

My Brothers, As I start out on another year as Master of Potunk Lodge, I look out over the Lodge room and what do I see? A Past Master of Potunk Lodge in almost every officer’s chair. Those that know my proclivity toward finding some meaning in this, well yes I did just that. So […]

A Message from the East

My Brothers, For those that attended last night’s installation officers; I thank you. It looks to be and interesting year going forward. We have a lot to accomplish in the ensuing year as well as in the years that follow. I wanted to mention a few items that are time constrained and need your attention. […]