Masonic Awareness @ the Speed of Light

As a fan of the previous WEOFM (World Wide Exemplification of Masonry) series from 2011, I was excited to see a new site has been created to compile all the materials and videos into one place and easily searched. From Br. Chris Hodapp’s Freemasons for Dummies blog: Masonic Awareness at the Speed of Light has a […]

The Masons the TV series

I present the following preview of; The Mason, the TV  series in 33 episodes" without further comment or commentary.

Lodge Function

As I am about to leave on family vocation and will be returning on the day of roast I will be trying my very best to return in time to assist in anyway on that day. Hope all will be I my favor for this to happen especially traffic. I do hope ticket sale is […]

From the South – Aug. 4th 2015

We had eight members at last night meeting to get ticket sales count and any loose ends to discuss. As of now with the brothers who attended and the others members who emailed their ticket sale we have eighty tickets sold/committed and with Elwood email to me selling seven brings it to a grand total […]

Mediocrity in Masonry . . . Shame on us!

I came across another superb article from the laudable pursuit website. I think it is worthy of discussion among the Brothers of most Lodges. By: Robert G. Davis, 33*, Grand Cross   One of the questions that occasionally eats at me when I am driving home from a Masonic event, degree, or function that has […]

Fund raiser

Please be advised there is a meeting tomorrow at lodge to discuss pig roast and pickup any loose ends. Sorry for the late invite. The WM did send out email concerning the same. I will be delivering cutting table since I will be returning the day of BBQ.