Lodge Meals

From the South: Brother Al Bubba burgers and chili special has been cancelled and is now replaced with Charles BBQ Chicken and potatoes along with the WM spicy pumpkin corn chowder. Come on down and enjoy. – J:. W:. Bro. Boysie *Note to all – Please remember Brother that the Collation Donation basket will be […]

Opinions/feedback and input

As it is difficult sometimes to gauge the thoughts and wishes of the members we thought it may be time to start taking Polls to try and give the members what they want during our Communications. So with that in mind we have created a series of polls for members to take (in the shortest time possible). So please […]

Dues and Dues subscriptions

Yes it’s early to start with Dues talk..but necessary! As we approach another Masonic season I thought it a good time to remind all that there are only a few months left to have your 2015 dues paid up. Bearing in mind that dues for a regular member amount to about $0.55/day + per capita. Even […]

Carpe Diem

By: Wor. Jason Eddy <img src=”” /> I was watching a movie with my kids this weekend, the title of which is not relevant, and the following line struck me: “That wasn’t living, that was just not dying. There’s a difference!”. The words resonated with me and I found myself lying in bed that night […]