Awesome Lodge Site Updates

There have been a number of site updates to the website in recent days. 1. You can now logon using Facebook. 2. There is now real-time notifications of messages and activity and a Credibility (myCRED) score as well as user reviews. 3. Private messaging between members in addition to the public activity wall. 4. […]

A Letter to a Jaded Brother

As many of you already know I do some amount of reading on the subject of Freemasonry and when I come across news, articles, blogs or events that I feel are worth sharing, I do just that. So here is one I cam across today and I agree with the writers sentiments and that it […]

Fellowship & Fun Night

Last month I asked about doing a Fellowship night at the Lodge once a month. The response to the poll was unanimous (well six responded all in favor so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). So with out further adieu, Next Tuesday, October 27th at 7 PM will be the first in a […]

Book review – Building Free Men

“ Do men exist who cannot see Past Surfaces? Ritual repeatedly tells us they do. They only Grasp the Superficial Aspects of Life and this includes other males. They cannot See ‘in Depth’, nor do they Seek to See anything other than what is Seen upon the Surfaces when they gaze. They cannot Cross Perpetual […]

Why Is Masonry Still Important?

From The Midnight Freemasons by Midnight Freemason Contributor WB Adam Thayer   Why is Masonry still important in modern society? It’s a very personal question, of course, and the answers I’ll provide are not necessarily the same as the ones you would give. Still, I believe we can provide the most common answers, bearing in […]

The Universe Itself Was Regarded As A Supremely Intelligent Being…

The Soul Of Man Was Part Of The Intelligent Soul Of The Universe, And Therefore Itself Intelligent. From:Pike Quotes Pike continues his thoughts on the universal soul of mankind, like when he wrote, “The Universe itself was regarded as a supremely intelligent being,” and “The soul of man was part of the intelligent soul of the […]