Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New year!

Brethren, This time of year is a very special time for appreciating Family and Friends. I love the Holiday’s! As a child, I remember the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was treats that we only saw during this time of year. These are my memories— I’m sure you have some of your own. As […]

Local Brother makes the news!

Came across this article in the Riverhead Times Review. I re-posted it here and the original link will be at the bottom of the post… 50 years after joining Riverhead’s Masonic Lodge, ‘Mickey’ Segal is still committed by Nicole Smith | 12/09/2015 8:30 AM Seated in the back office at Riverhead Masonic Lodge, wearing a […]

Sacred Space in Freemasonry

BY: WOR. JASON E. MARSHALL A version of this was published in the May 2015 Edition of Living Stones Magazine *note I highly recommend the Masonic Magazine linked here. We are taught as an Entered Apprentice that a Masonic Lodge is a symbolic copy of King Solomon’s Temple, and as a Brother progresses through the […]