From the Chaplain

  As I sat in my Chaplains station last night at lodge, I could not help but feel that the Great Architect of the Universe was presiding over us throughout our Second degree work of the evening. Worshipful Bill Arnold and I were sitting in awe at the near perfect execution of the work. As […]


Brothers, The collation dinner for the second degree will be Chicken with potatoes and string beans along with the regular cheese and fruit cart. Brother Charlie is reserved for the preparation and will need assistance. Brothers I am also seeking your assistance for the clean up after since I will not be absent. As usual there […]

My Lodge Organist Website

Some websites are useful and some are informative. I found this one before it was even published, so I guess I am on the cutting edge for once. My Lodge Organist ( is a new project that is aimed directly at Masonic Lodges and Chapters. The author claims that witnessing the shrinking number of Masons […]

Pretenders and other cowans

Over the last few weeks I have been following an bit of a drama unfolding online. The drama has some of the usual suspects that have come out of hibernation recently so I took a closer look. The drama begins some years ago. Back in 2005 or so a Mason in a regular lodge in […]

Substitute/St Pat’s meeting

WM/ Brothers, I will be away from 1/18 to 1/22.  Because of this I will not be present for the second Degree which means I need one master mason to access me for this date as a stand in as Junior Warden and to attend practice this evening. Who is it going to be. Please contact asap, […]

2014 Grand Lodge Proceedings

My Brothers For any interested I have posted the 2014 Grand Lodge Proceedings. Since the file is too large to post directly here on the website I have posted it on a cloud drive and provided a link. Click here to open the folder and then find the correct year (there is only one right […]

Support your Master

Hello brothers, This Thursday 01-07-2016 is the first lodge communication of year, come on out and support your lodge and Master. Brother Charlie is serving up spaghetti and sausage with bread/b. Let’s make Potunk happening again. Good Lodge, tasty food, many happy attending Brothers. Hope to see you there. JW.

Jan 2016 Summoned Communication Collation

Brothers, For those attending our first meeting of the new year, the dinner for the evening will be sausage and spaghetti with bread along with the cart of goodies. Byz.