Talking to friends about Freemasonry

Talking to Friends about Freemasonry. It has always been a concern for members of Freemasonry, especially new members, when asked about Freemasonry by a friend, co-worker, etc.. Maybe they notice your Masonic bling on your finger or spot the decal on the back of your car. However it happens, the subject may come up. Newer members […]

Burnouts and Buffets

Via the Midnight Freemasons by Midnight Freemason Contributor,  WB Bill Hosler I just finished reading a piece written by fellow Midnight Freemason contributor, my friend and Brother Robert Johnson, called “Is The Honeymoon Over?” As I sat here reading his work I began to notice myself nodding my head in agreement with every word RJ […]

He Calls That A Garden?

Tuesday, July 5th 2016 The members of Potunk Lodge assembled at the Follett & Werner Funeral home in Westhampton Beach to say our final farewells to W:. Charlie Nielson. The Brothers assembled in a small room across the hall from the viewing room where many of Charlie’s family, friends and co-workers had also assembled. As […]

Masons Without A Face on Independence Day

As we all celebrated Independence Day yesterday, my thoughts, as they often do settled upon my Brothers past and present. Much of this is due to my understanding that it was Freemasonry that was always on the peripheral or background, during every significant even of this countries birth. As some have come to de-Americanize Independence […]

When the Celestial Lodge above calls

When the Celestial Lodge above calls a Brother to join, the loss is felt like a ripple across a pond and troubles those left behind. As a relatively new member with only 8-9 years of membership with the lodge, each passing of a Brother seems to effect me more deeply. Possibly as I reach what […]