The Secret of Hiram Abiff

The Secret of Hiram Abiff aka The Lost Keys of Freemasonry is of course philosophical in nature. Understanding Freemasonry and the Freemason is part in parcel to “becoming a better man”. The aforementioned quoted axiom is common and heard many times. However one must understand that Freemasonry is not what makes one a better man, […]

The Level Club

The Level Club: A New York City Story of the Twenties: Splendor, Decadence and Resurgence of a Monument to Human Ambition Ok so who would’ve thought that not only did NY Masons build the Grand Lodge building on 23rd and 6th, but another stupendous building on the upper west side of Manhattan. It was called […]

The Oldest Lodge in the…

The Oldest Lodge in the world…US..state We often speak of, fondly, the antiquity of Freemasonry. It is true that Freemasonry is old. Of course we define this by adding operative or speculative to preface which ‘old’ we’re talking about. So let’s examine the oldest claims in this short article. I’ll sub title it; “Whence came […]

Operative Mason’s Wage Statement, circa 1400 CE

by Catherine M. Walter | Aug 3, 2016 | Artifacts Check out the earliest item in the Grand Lodge of New York’s Library and Museum! An Operative Mason’s wage statement, written in French, on vellum, and previously used in an old binding, dated circa 1400 CE. Click here to see the full record. Donated by famed mathematician and collector, […]